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SPP 2170 Workshop at TUHH

21. Juli 2022

"InterZell" Summer school at TUHH
[Bild: University of Stuttgart, Rehnert]

Summer School at TUHH

SPP 2170 Summer School took place in the Institute of Multiphase Flows (IMS) and the Institute of Bioprocess and Biosystem Engineering (IBB) at the campus of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Flow structure in aerated stirred tanks (STR), measuring methods, mixing and mass transfer in aerated STR´s and the state of the art in scale-up lectures were followed by experimental setup and trials. We thank the IMS and IBB Team for their great training program!

Sommer School at TUHH, Institute of Multiphase Flows, 15.000 L bioreactor
SPP 2170 "InterZell" Sommer School Workshop at TUHH, Institute of Multiphase Flows
Workshop SPP 2170 at TUHH
Determination of the mixing time in a bioreactor in laboratory scale
Simulation of the flows in a stirred bioreactor, same setup as in laboratory scale bioreactor.
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